Thursday, August 19, 2010

Orchard Walk

I wish I had a multi-sensory camera for sounds and smells as well as sites...

The sounds are rich as crickets and bugs are very noisy this time of summer, along with birds and the wind in the cornstalks...

The air smells like late summer, no longer damp but instead sharp.

It is a beautiful day and very comfortable for this time of year, so Bear and I just returned from a walk through the orchards. I wasn't planning on taking any photos so I only had my phone, but when Bear found a turkey feather I knew I had to take a few shots. Sadly the lens must have been steamy, hence the dream-like effect. No, no photoshopping used on these : )

Bear was very proud of his feather, and he carried it for a long time before becoming distracted by the grasshoppers. Shibas are very cat-like in terms of hunting, and Bear is no exception. He is constantly pouncing, and occasionally he gets to eat a crunchy little cricket. Butterflies are too fast but that does not stop him from trying, and birds faster still: we startled a couple of mourning doves and Bear leaped but to no avail.

My little hunter... it is so nice to have a buddy to enjoy walks with...

the lane
pears are ready

intense... how a Shiba almost always looks

Bear is trying to kill his feather
carrying his prize

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