Monday, August 2, 2010

WalkieDog Rocks

Bear is my Shiba Inu, and like any Shiba his energy level far exceeds mine. How oh how can I tire the monster out? I would have to walk him for hours to even come close... I was thinking about getting a treadmill so I can exercise him like Cesar does but I don't want a hulking treadmill in my house... what is a frustrated Shiba owner to do?? Enter "WalkieDog", the coolest little gadget that allows me to hook Bear up to my bike and let him run to his heart's content. I highly recommend this for any dog owner that has limited time because this thing rocks.

At first Bear was frightened by the bike, but I slowly walked the bike around the yard with him attached and he started to relax in about 5 minutes. Then I got on and after about 30 seconds he figured it out: he can run next to his mom at full Shiba speed! When I get his little harness out he is so excited because he knows what comes next : ) He reminds me of a little sled dog as he pulls me for the first half of our rides, looking like he was born to do this.

And his behavior is so much better when he is tired... less pillow de-fluffing, less tissue shredding, less down-comforter destruction, less wrestling with his older sister Mari. I bought the WalkieDog through Amazon (cheaper), but here is a site that describes it well:

'Not us: this is an image from Google : )

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