Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I. am. ancient.

Here I am, in Niagara University's student union while waiting for my lab to open so I can get in before my class starts, sitting in a cushy chair and sipping an ice coffee. It is the first week of classes, and everyone looks pretty optimistic and fresh, still tan from summer vacation. Like many of the students here, I have my laptop perched on my lap, accessing the internet using the free wi-fi available. Some students are texting while carrying on conversations with the people they are sitting with. Some students are watching the large flat screen tv on the wall.

None of this happened back in the 80's when I was a student on campus -- no ice coffee, no flat tvs, no cushy seats, no mobile devices, no laptops, no internet, no wi-fi.

How old do I seem to them? I remember the "non-traditional" students when I was in college (ie: old and frumpy and asked a lot of questions) and although I am not a student but an instructor I wonder if they see me as old and frumpy. I try to look somewhat current, although I can't nor wouldn't wear the short-shorts currently popular by the dimple-free girls, but I did put on a pair of very cute earrings.


Before I sat down I saw a young man I recognized, and I approached him and yes, he was the little boy from my old neighborhood. He's now a senior in college. His little sister is going to school in New England. I remember these children jumping in our leaf piles, and they are now grown up. He said he didn't recognize me, and I hope it's because now I have long hair. 'Wonder if he noticed my earrings?

I found my portrait using Google

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