Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Fishing Lessons Needed

'Sick to my stomach.

Many of my colleagues are getting the word this week that their positions will be eliminated next year. These are colleagues that are excellent teachers. 'Colleagues that motivate and inspire our young people. 'Colleagues that have young children and mortgages. 'Colleagues that contribute to society on every level, including financially through the payment of taxes and purchasing of goods.

Here's my humble opinion: we need to spend LESS money on lazy non-contributing members of society, and MORE money on preparing young people to be hard-working contributing members of society. Education, including vocational training, is key. So what is our government doing? It is increasing the freebie handouts, and decreasing funding to education. Where is the incentive to work if all you need to do is apply for benefits? Darwin would certainly have an opinion on this.

I am a registered Independent as I am generally very moderate in my politics, but with financial issues the Republicans are definitely making more sense to me.

We are handing out free fish left and right, and the fishing lessons are getting cut.

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