Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm a little worried about my Mari. She turned 13 in June and has slowed down considerably over the past few years, yet she continues to appear comfortable and happy (even if the photos below make her look sad). She now jogs around the yard, and walks and sniffs around the perimeter of the property, happily checking out every smell from every animal that visited. Her face is smiling like only a happy lab can smile, and she is in her glory.


Then she has her really slow days and restless nights. She does not appear to be uncomfortable, but it seems as if something is not right. Sometimes it is really difficult to wake her, but when she does open her eyes she looks so happy to see me. She is so sweet, and even though her barking (yep - still does that) makes me nuts, it is hard to remember life before her, and hard to imagine life without her. I love her deeply.

posing as an old Polish lady, after her ear surgery a couple of years ago

my sweetie

being tormented by her little bro when he was a pup

with her sister Soph

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