Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Woof ~ Urges

I am home alone right now, and I am not in my prison. 'Seems like somehow I convinced my people that I can handle myself in a more civilized manner than I did when I was a silly little puppy that chewed up everything in sight.

I hope they didn't overestimate me.

I have urges. Strong and undeniable urges.

Socks and blanket call to me, as do pillows. I especially like silk pillows. I love it when I find tissues and q-tips. I also love anything that smells like my mom, like her new wallet that I just had to nibble on last weekend. Shredding things relaxes me and fills me with joy. I love to shred! I cannot stop myself!

But wait.

I want to be a good boy because I hate it when my people are mad at me. And I really don't enjoy my prison, so I have to try to avoid certain urges in order to maintain my freedom. I must maintain my freedom.

But I really want to chew.

Maybe just one little corner and no one will notice ...

my boy's poster
my mom's book

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