Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Jim reminded me that's what Bear is saying in different ways.

Sophie has now taken to shredding tissues from the bathroom waste baskets. Little shredded tissues are here and there ... just like before, even though this is a new behavior for Sophie.

Treats were in my raincoat pocket this morning. Bear's favorite chewy treats, the ones that smell like smokey deliciousness.

Little downy feathers from the comforter, found under the bed despite several visits from Sandy and her vac.

A Kong found under the dresser, way in the back.


We buried my little man next to Kitty and Pablo, out in the pond garden. He loved helping me feed the "fishies" every morning, so it was logical to put him there.

Its difficult to wrap my brain around all of this. I miss him so much.

But I appreciate the little hellos he is sending me. 'The little reminders that a part of him will be with me always.

my little goofball

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