Friday, December 17, 2010

Lake Effect Snow

I grew up in Parish, New York, where it snows a LOT because it is located downwind of Lake Ontario.

When I first moved to Buffalo to attend college, I remember people asking me if I was ready for the snow here. Oh yes, I was ready! But disappointment followed because the snow in WNY usually falls south of the city, so what I experienced was nothing compared to what I was used to.

What exactly is "lake effect snow"? I distinctly remember a teacher drawing a diagram on the board as he explained it to us, and I was fascinated. I love weather in general, and meteorology is something I could really get into.

Lake Effect Defined

I wish I had some photos of the "mountains" of snow from home. Dad ran the snowblower and the rest of us shoveled where the plow couldn't reach, including the roof. There would always be a period of weeks each winter where my horse was unable to be in her pasture because even she couldn't walk through the snow. Everyone had snowmobiles and snowshoes, everyone had a "snowmobile suit", not "ski pants".

When people here in WNY complain about the snow and cold I have to chuckle. This is nothin', and I miss it. My dad also loved blizzards and snow, and the weather seldom stopped him from hunting and fishing. I think of him often when I am walking in the snow, sans snowshoes but with him just the same.

~ thank you, Google images ~

Some links to snowy Parish and Central New York pics...

Central New York Snow Photos (from 2007)

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