Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Modern Family

ABC's Modern Family is surprisingly fresh and well-written, and it has become my new favorite weekly television series. Its based on a pretty common television topic ("family") and the story lines tend to be simple, but this is oh-so-well-told. I love each of the characters and as pathetic as it sounds I wish they were all my friends. They each are at times funny, selfish, caring, snarky, loving, impatient, dense, sweet, quirky and insane.

I do not dv-r anything. I would feel pressure to watch the things I recorded, and I do not need any more pressure. Instead I enjoy channel surfing and stumbling upon things that I would never set out to watch. Pawn Stars is boring, yet when my husband settles on that channel I find myself interested. Unwrapped is geeky, but I find myself fascinated by how all this fun food is produced. Who knew that five gajillion gummies roll out of the Acme plant every stinkin' day? Hoarders is disturbing but watching it makes me realize that my junk drawer hoarding isn't so bad after all. I never get sick of SeinfeldThe Office, or Everybody Loves Raymond reruns, and I can almost always find one of those shows on some channel somewhere. 'Guilty pleasure: the Housewives reality shows and their shallow selfish characters. Television is an escape for me, and I tend to watch it from my bed during the hour or so before I fall asleep. I do not want anything heavy such as doomsday shows and crime shows. Entertain me. Make me laugh.

Modern Family is indeed entertaining and even thought-provoking as it breezes through each episode. It is the only thirty minutes a week that I make sure I am watching.

love love love these characters

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