Friday, December 3, 2010

Names, Part II


On as of writing this post there are over 350,000 pets available, and very few of them appear to have duplicate names. How these kind hearted shelter folks keep coming up with clever names is beyond me.

Some of the names make you want to run out and adopt immediately, without knowing anything about the dog...

Beags (how cute is that??)
Buddy (a lab mix, of course)
Molly (another lab)
Bee (I want a doggy named Bee - how sweet!)

Then there are the cautionary names ...

Grizzly (a Husky/Rotty mix that "isn't adjusting to the new baby")
Twister (a Pit mix)
Airborne (a Husky mix that "needs a fenced in yard for sure!")
Yapper (a Lab with no bio ... but do you really need one with a name like that?)

Naming my animals is another thing I take very seriously. Names help to define who a pet is, much like a name can help define a person. I really enjoy names that have meanings and references to other people with the same name. My first two goats were "Vincent and Pablo" and my next two were "Jasper and Salvador". My bunny is "Norman", and my kitties are "Isis and Apollo". Thinking of the name is a lot of fun, although it can create some debate in our house as seldom do the three of us - Jim, Chandler and I - agree on the same name. Since I am the person who tends to do the bulk of the work involved with the animals I can normally trump the opinions of the guys, but I try top be diplomatic about it. They might argue that point but truly I do take their thoughts into consideration. Of course, my husband insists that the names "Otis" and "Booger" are the two best dog names going, and that's what he wanted Bear's name to be. THAT is why I am in charge of making the final pet-name decisions : )

So all these sad shelter dogs have names that are often humorous, sometimes serious and often times clever. 'Fun to read them! (Question: when you adopt a doggy do you have to keep its name?)

Airborne (trying to figure out how to scale the fence)

Yapper (I can hear him now)

Grizzly (he even looks insane)

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