Monday, January 3, 2011

Dog Age

Mari has been waking us up multiple times a night, asking for the door. I am doing a little "aging dog" research and I found this nifty calculator that figures the human age of your dog based on the breed. Here are Mari's results:

Dog Age Calculator Link HERE

Yup - 96 years old and that is using her age as 13 even though she will be turning 14 in June. When I typed in 14 years, the site told me this:

The calculation of your dog's age in human years is based on the dog's age at attaining puberty and expected life span. However, the specific dog age and breed you selected is currently not available on our PEDIGREE® Dog Age Calculator.


My old girl ... I'm trying to be patient with her despite the lack of sleep. She has been with me through many many things, including both joy and heartbreak, and I love her so very much. I really don't remember being an adult without her in my life. 

I pray that she never has to suffer or feel pain as I'm not sure my heart could handle that, especially right now. I also pray for wisdom so that I make good decisions in the coming weeks and months regarding her health.

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