Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Woof ~ Royalty

Finally my mom has decided to include me in her blog. It's certainly about time.

Allow me to introduce myself. I was born Ms. Sophie Johnson, and I began life with my first mom (I think humans called her "Ann") in Tennessee. I was the cutest little bundle of white fluff with a little black nose and cute black shiny eyes. Along with mom there were two wonderful young men that lived with us in a big house where I was the one and only non-human. My life was wonderful, and I was treated as a princess should be treated.

Then my mom got sick. She was in bed for many weeks, and I stuck by her side throughout that whole time. She needed me to help her get through some very dark days, and I did a great job of comforting her. Eventually she got better, and one day we got into the car and drove for hours and hours and hours, and ended up in Western New York. It was spring so I had no idea what I was in for when winter came! Mom and I lived in a little cottage by the lake, and my boy Mike lived with us, too. We were very happy for a couple of months.

Until Mom got sick again. Very sick. So sick that one day she went into the hospital and I never saw her again. I worried so much about her ... I knew that she was sick and hurting and that she needed me but I wasn't allowed to go to her ... I was a nervous wreck. I was staying at my Aunt Jean's where only humans live, and then they sent me to Uncle Jim and Aunt Lynn's house where they are used to having animals around. I was terrified because I had never been without my mom, and I wasn't sure I wanted to even live anymore. It was especially scary because at this new place there was a huge dog and a cat living in the house. I certainly did not feel very special or pampered sharing a water bowl with another dog and - ugh - a cat.

So basically my original life crumbled and fell apart. My mom went to heaven and left me. Alone. Everything familiar to me disappeared, and I lived in a foreign world. My choice was to wallow in self-pity forever, or to move forward and learn to be happy in this new life. I chose the latter.

Let me tell you about my new family: First there is my dad (who is really my uncle). He loves me sooo much! He treats me properly, with lots of kisses and baby talk and extra attention. He takes a nap in his recliner most days, and I love napping with him. Then there is "Mom" (who is really my aunt). She loves me, too, although she expects me to behave more like a dog and less like a princess. However, she is the lady who arranges for my grooming and gives me baths and clips my nails and makes me "pretty". She buys me warm coats and pretty collars, and I love snuggling with her whenever she sits down on the couch and when she's in bed. Sleeping between Mom and Dad is the best! I am the only dog that gets to sleep on the bed at night so I feel special and its only right. Then there's my boy (who is really my cousin). He gets a little annoyed with my special bark which frankly I am quite proud of, but he also thinks I'm pretty cute when I prance around the house, and especially when I do mad-dog around the dining room table. During the day I like to sleep in his room on the clothes that are almost always crumpled on the floor. My new human family is not so bad after all. I sometimes feel less like royalty here, but all in all I feel very loved, and lucky that they took me in after losing my first mom.

I do get frustrated sometimes with the other non humans in my life but usually they are not so bad. My "big sister" Mari is pretty decent about everything. Sometimes when I am eating and she sniffs me I have to snap at her and remind her "hey - 'Princess eating here - back off!" but then she just wags her tail and goes about her business. I am a little worried about her because she is an old lady, so when she coughs or has one of her weird sneezing fits I growl and bark and try to help. I love her despite the fact that she is not royalty at all. My kitty sister went to heaven a few years ago - she was old, too! She was a little scary to me, so if she approached me I try to nonchalantly walk away as if I just didn't care, but deep down I knew she was in charge of the entire house, both human and non. Cats are like that, you know.

Sigh. Then there was that beast Bear. He actually destroyed my beloved toy "Elly". Mom tried to fix Elly and re-stuffed her many times, but eventually we had to give up. Grrr. Bear could play really rough and be pretty rotten. He struck fear in my heart, but you know ... I really miss him. I have to admit he stayed back when I was eating - he really respected the food bowl hierarchy. He also made my mom happy because she would strap him on her bike and drag him along, and take him out to the smelly goat shed everyday. He was a good dog companion, and that got me off the hook. Lord knows I have no interest in acting like a dog. And when he left ... I thought my mom and dad would never recover from their broken hearts. I haven't left them, though, and I am here to take care of them, and I am able to comfort them, and so they are going to be okay.

Yes, my life is different than before, and sometimes I don't feel like I am being treated like the princess I am. I know I'll see my first mom in heaven someday so that makes me feel better. I am happy. I am loved. And I love my people.
~ in my beautiful Christmas collar ...

... on Mom's lap ~

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