Thursday, March 24, 2011

Art Supplies

It has been years since I ordered traditional art supplies from catalogs, and I must say I am enjoying flipping through the pages. As a Media Arts Teacher, I order the supplies I need from Staples and Office Max ... photo paper, cds, dvds ... but now that I will be teaching 3D in the fall I need to once again visit the pages of Sax, Nasco and Dick Blick.

(A negative aspect to this whole supply ordering: a high school art position was cut from our department, and we are losing an awesome colleague and a great friend.)

Ordering was always exciting, even when I worked in a district where we had essentially no budget. Carefully looking through pages and pages of options, trying to find the best prices between vendors, figuring out what projects I would be doing and therefore what materials I actually needed ... 'fun, even if I was pinching pennies.

These art supply catalogs have a certain smell, and that smell brings me right back to the excitement I felt as a new teacher. Funny how smells can do that.

~ Sax, Nasco & Dick Blick ~

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