Saturday, April 23, 2011

Helping Bumble's Guardian Angel

This coming week we are having an invisible fence installed to keep our Bumble off the leash and away from the road. Although we could have saved money by purchasing similar equipment and then installing it ourselves, having it installed by people who have been in the business for years gives me the peace of mind that I need after going through last fall's tragedy. This busy road leaves no room for error, and I really don't think I could emotionally survive another loss.

I initially sent out a request on the Invisible Fence of Buffalo Niagara website for a free estimate, and was pleasantly surprised by the prompt and friendly phone call I received from Patty the Office Manager to set up an appointment. The owner himself, Mike, then came out to my house on an early Saturday morning, and he immediately made me realize that I was dealing with a professional.

Mike and I walked around the yard, discussing perimeters, and he met Bumble. Now I am not stupid so I realize a lot of his niceness is because he is a salesman, but he really seemed genuine when he patiently responded to my questions, complimented me on my little mess of a dog, and made me feel confident that I will be able to keep my baby boy safe. He also took a lot of time going over the various products and solutions they offer (again, I'm not stupid but) and he made me feel confident. I already wrote about the confidence, I know, but I cannot stress it enough. The price tag is large, but it includes the installation of the wire, the collar, and a couple of portable thingies that I can use at various times to keep Bumble away from different spots, including my koi pond. The big appeal for me is that these folks will help me train my dog. That is huge. So along with the installation appointment, I have 2 additional dog training appointments set for the next couple of weeks. All in all I think that it is all money well spent, although I shall keep you, my dear reader, posted as we travel along this journey.

I am excited. 'A little nervous, but excited.  : )

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