Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little White Flags

So we are now set up with the invisible fence for Bum. The fence boys (they were not even 30 years old - mere babies) were very nice, and spent a few hours first installing the underground wire around the pre-determined perimeter, then sitting down with me to go over all of the manuals and equipment, and then out to start Bumble's training. For the next week I need to take him out with his collar and while on a leash a couple of times a day, and walk near enough to the perimeter so that he can hear the warning sound at which point I pull him back and praise him for backing off. After doing it a couple of times today Bum seemed to be making the connection between little white flags and a correction. He will not, however, feel his first actual zap until next Thursday when the fence folks return. Then we let him feel the zap - I think he will respond quickly. He is not fond of any type of correction, verbal or otherwise, as I think he may have been - um - "over corrected" in the past.

As a matter of fact, Bark Off, which absolutely does nothing for my other two dogs, works like a charm on Bumble. I now have one out in the goat shed so he doesn't bark at them. Magical. And its funny how a non-barking dog is a relaxed dog.

So the quest for safe freedom and safe exercise for Bumble is continuing ... I'm excited for him. He deserves to run and play freely. It is worth every penny of the $1649 (gulp). Really it is!

~ a weatherproof portable transmitter like the one we purchased as part of the whole shebang ~

~ an indoor portable transmitter like the one we purchased as part of the whole shebang ~

~ the Lupine collar design we selected ... the best affordable dog collar brand on the market ~

(Beary's Lupine collar ... we decided to not use this one and instead "retire" that style even though we like it so much)

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