Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Evening Goats

Photographing goats can be very challenging. They are extremely curious, and they do not believe in personal space.

My camera was set to auto, and the lighting was tough because it was late and the contrast between shadows and light was pretty harsh. I did not adjust any of these photos, so take them as they are: a moment in time with my goat buddies.

~ Vincent ~

~ Sal ~

~ oo! a goat-free shot of the pen ~

~ another pen view ~

~ what a ham ~
~ Sal, Jasper and Vinny ~ 
~ always trying to get the leaves ~

~ Vin and Sal, sharing ~

~ I try to get mid-jump-shots, but it doesn't work well with the auto setting ~

~ Vin and Jasp ~

~ he's my labrador goat (and it looks like he has 2 bodies!!) ~

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