Friday, July 8, 2011

Fawn Twin

A doe and her twins frequent the orchard behind our house. Recently I had the honor of watching the babies nurse ... I don't think there is a more peaceful image in the universe.

The fawns are like dogs that run in circles doing what we refer to as "mad dog": they race around and play "mad fawn" while the mom just nibbles on greens. Yesterday morning I happened to have my camera so I was able to catch a shot of one of the babies when it stopped to check me out. I had to zoom, and of course I was tri-pod-less, so it's pretty blurry. How lucky am I to live where I do??

Bumble seems to think he is our guard dog, protecting us from
the horrible bunnies, birds and baby deer that dare come close to his perimeter. He's so silly.

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