Monday, July 25, 2011

Post Reunion Thoughts

*You can spend years (decades!) away from true friends and immediately feel comfortable with them when you reunite. We had so many laughs!

*Mike was insanely generous to host this event at his sports bar Archer's End Zone. (find them on facebook)

*I only had a couple of early drinks and then switched to water. It was a smart move in many ways, except I overdid the water: I was up every hour during the few hours I had to sleep!

*I was disappointed my high school bff couldn't be there, but in a way that created more opportunity to spend time with folks I might have missed.

*I went to school with some really special people.

*Some of the guys are clearly working out and they look amazing.

*Parish, my hometown, and Pulaski have changed so much that I nearly didn't recognize anything.

*For the first time in many years I went by the house in which I grew up and it does not even resemble "home". Red? Really??? In a way I am glad they ruined it. It's still perfect in my memories.

*Talking to some of our teachers who were able to attend was one of the highlights for me. How sweet of them to stop by.

*The hotel was a pleasant surprise. The staff was friendly, the room was nice, the exterior had just been remodeled so it looked brand new. I was concerned about how clean my sheets were because they did not smell like bleach nor were they crisp ... did they forget to change them? ... is it just a low thread count? ... a polyester blend? .... so I was a little more eeked out than usual as even swanky hotels give me a bit of pause. So, I switched the pillow nearest the clock and lamp with the furthest one, thinking it would have been used less. Who knows, but I was so tired by the time I flopped in that I didn't care at that point.

Super Duper!
Pulaski NY is all about fishermen :)

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