Friday, August 12, 2011

The New Yorker

Hands down this my favorite magazine, and the current issue has some especially interesting articles.

The cartoons are brilliant. The very first thing I do upon receiving my weekly New Yorker is flip through and read all of the cartoons. Then I check the table of contents to discover what the articles are about, including the movie reviews, and I also always find out the title of the cover illustration. At that point I start reading, sometimes beginning with the fiction. I wonder if there has ever been a survey conducted of readers' reading habits, and how many of them begin with the cartoons?

Today I read about Michelle Bachmann (I will not be supporting her - yikes), eating insects and how it's supposedly a really good thing to do (I will never), and how dna evidence suggests that Neanderthal man and early humans interbred (Geico wasn't mentioned but I couldn't get their caveman campaign out of my head). I cannot think of any other magazine that has that degree of diversity in a single issue.

Confession: When I am busy (not today) I mostly read in the bathroom. It's quiet, and nobody bugs me, including dogs. There. I said it.

The New Yorker magazine is intelligent, interesting, educational, entertaining, and I usually read nearly all of it every week, finishing well before the next one arrives.

~ my favorite cover ... I hung this in the hall at school next to my door ~

~ I <3 NY ~

~ remember this scandal? funnnnny! ~

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