Thursday, September 1, 2011

Flying Dreams

I remember my dreams more so than most people, I think. "Lucid dreaming". Nearly every night I live in an alternate universe, and when I wake up it usually takes me a bit to sort out my dreams. Often those dreams are built on my anxieties, and it's a relief to enter the real world where I can more easily control my destiny. Sometimes, though, those dreams involve fantastical events and experiences, and upon waking I have a little bit of sadness because I had to leave that universe behind.

August is a season of fresh corn, cooling nights, less humidity, school shopping, savoring my last few days of freedom ... and school anxiety dreams. These dreams usually involve one or more of the following scenarios:

I am late for work and can't seem to get out of the house, 

I cannot find my locker or remember my locker combination, 

I am sitting in a class and realize that I have been skipping said class for so long that I do not have a clue about what is going on, 

I am teaching a class that is wildly out of control despite my screaming at the students, 

My principal is observing me and I am have no lesson plans prepared, 

I am sitting at my desk in my underwear although nobody seems to notice it.

I have grown used to the torture my mind inflicts upon itself, and I have developed coping mechanisms so that I do not lose my mind entirely. I hate those school anxiety dreams.

This August has been different thus far. No anxiety dreams whatsoever. What's up with that!? And last night I had a coveted flying dream, and for the first time I was flying in SCHOOL. CrAzY! In my dream, I had this cool iPad-like tablet that displayed all the imagery in my mind, and I tell you what: it was freakin beautiful. Flowing images and patterns and colors ... I wish I could duplicate that stream in real life. Then, I was floating and flying around the hallways, and the students thought it was really amazing. I proceeded to do a dorky air-dance kind of thing and I was laughing and having so much fun. What a nerd, I know, but I have been thinking about this dream all day, and even though I am feeling prepared and confident for this new school year (more so than most, ironically, given my new courses) this dream has confirmed my feelings of confidence and preparedness. How cool is that.

Additionally, last night I dreamt of my father. We were about to board this huge cruise-type ship, and it was going to take us across a large river or lake (think ferry on Lake Champlain). Somehow he was way ahead of me, and I was afraid I would be late and miss the departure, so I was trying to yell as loud as I could "Hold the ship! Hold the ship!". I was feeling like I wanted to catch up because I wanted to be with Dad, not necessarily to get to wherever the ship was headed. 'Probably a lot of symbolism there, so I have been revisiting this dream and trying to figure out the nuances.

Sometimes I feel weary from my dreams, especially when they tend toward the negative. I feel like I have no rest or escape, and I am almost more tired on those mornings than before I went to bed. But sometimes I get lucky and I fly. Or visit past loved ones. Or ride my childhood horse. Or write a poem. I feel fortunate to be in the camp of lucid dreamers.

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from an exhibit in Chicago last summer by Pierre Huyghe: Les Grandes Ensembles ...  it reminded me of a dream

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