Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hello? ?? ?

What I have been doing while neglecting my blog and ignoring facebook:

family ... making dinner, running my son to and from work, grocery shopping, attending meetings, baptisms, birthday dinners and parties, phone calls to mom, attending fundraisers, designing our new house, dentist appointments, filling out forms, paying for China Trip (!), handing out lunch money, making coffee,

work ... traveling between classrooms, writing new curriculum, making up cool new ceramics lessons, creating a new website, running the scholarship fund pool, staying after with students, attending meetings, staying late here and there to work on book, various graphics projects for district,

home ... keeping up (sort of) with the laundry, winterizing the gardens and pond, having the living room painted, organizing my closets, putting up harvest-y decorations, shampooing carpets, painting trim,

church ... working on the new photo directory layout, taking photos, writing for the stewardship campaign, serving on Sundays, the cookbook committee, making the Bazaar poster, updating the website,  formatting our faith stories, book club,

animals ... winterizing the shed, bathing and clipping Soph, feedings morning and night, filling the waterbowl, hosing the goat concrete, changing Mari's puppy pads every morning, washing towels and blankets, mowing goat pen, clipping nails and trimming feet, picking up poop, letting dogs in and out and in and out, ordering a new winter coat for Bum, cleaning bird cages,

~ pinch pots in the kiln ~

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