Friday, December 30, 2011

Crown Roast

Merry Christmas!

We just returned from a trip north to my mom's where we celebrated Christmas in style with a huge hunk of pig, also known as a "crown roast". Photos of food always look a bit disgusting unless they were taken by a professional (which I am not), but this gives you an idea of the magnificent roast beast we dined on. Unfortunately I was too busy sipping my vodka-muddled to remember to take a photo before the roast went into the oven. The roast was fabulous, and Mom made a cranberry and pear chutney that added loads of flavor. The pork reminded me somewhat of prime rib: it was tender, juicy, silky and not at all stringy. Yum! I think we all decided that it will be our new tradition. (PS: overlook the poor quality of the photos -- remember the vodka-muddleds!)

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