Saturday, January 14, 2012

January Morning

Winter has arrived in Western New York - at least for the weekend - and I decided to test out the recording capabilities of my iPhone. The results are so-so. 

My iPhone will not replace my nice camera and camcorders, but it does take decent shots for those spontaneous times. When I was shooting video, if I moved away from or closer to my subject the phone struggled with staying in focus. That also happened with taking still shots - it did not adjust its focus to subtle changes in distance, so I had to swing the phone away and then try again until I had the right composition in focus. To be fair, it is an exceedingly gloomy day, my fingers were frozen, and it is tough for most consumer-level cameras to shoot in that combo of poor light and white snow (and frozen fingers). In any case, I had fun on this brisk Saturday morning with my animal friends. For video of this morning, check out the next post ...

staying warm ... Apollo

staying warm ... the shed heater

staying warm ... electric bucket

staying warm ... heated water bottle for Bun

staying warm ... Bun with a Buffalo Bills blanket around his cage
(and I painted that wooden box for my horse when I was 12)
winter greens

remember when this had flowers??

thistles ... macro testing

more snowy thistles

winter window box

winter pond ... keeping the ice open for the fish

winter pond ... drifts

winter pond ... everything is asleep

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