Sunday, January 22, 2012

Woof ~ Lottery Winner

New Mom is finally letting me write a post on Her blog. 'About time. Anyway, I guess I should stop calling Her "New Mom" cuz She really is the only real mom I have ever had. Ever.

So. Anyway. Last year at this time I was far far away, and then I went on a long trip in a cage, and ended up in a foster home, and then I ended up here. From where I started to end up HERE is winning the doggie lottery - and I'm not just saying that. Do you have any idea what kind of lives so many dogs have??? Oh I wouldn't be able to tell you my BEFORE stories because it would make you cry, so instead let me tell you about my NOW life.

Yesterday went like this: wake up on my warm comfy couch bed, have a bowl of kibble, go out with Mom to take care of the goats, sniff the kitty, check on the fishies, play Bumby Ball, help Mom shovel (all while wearing my kinda-gay-but-very-warm coat), then go in and lounge by the fireplace at Mom's feet while she monkeys around on the computer, chew on one of my many bonies that are scattered around, sniff my sister Sophie's bottom, wrestle with my sister Mari (even though she's ancient she loves it), nap with Mom on her bed, another bowl of kibble, outside with Mom to put the shed animals to bed, chew on my bonies, then snuggle between Mom and Dad (yeah, I have an awesome dad and human brother, too) while they are in bed watching something on tv that makes them laugh. The whole time they are kissing me and rubbing my tummy and telling me how much they love me.

Seriously. I couldn't make that up. I'm telling you, I am spoiled. I didn't know life could be this good, that people could be this good. Yeah, I still get really nervous when Mom has certain things in her hands cuz I remember how when humans carried things in their hands they used those things to hurt me, but I really don't think Mom is ever going to hurt me. I'm starting to really believe that. Mom tells me that I helped to save her ... not sure what she means by that but boy oh boy she sure did save me.

Like I said, I won the doggie lottery.

Mom still doesn't let me help her take pictures, but I'm working on that.

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  1. ok, not sure about the coat, but definitely the doggie lottery winner.