Sunday, April 15, 2012


Had a whirlwind two night trip to Philly last week, and it was perfect. My bestie Lynora and I drove down on Thursday and returned on Saturday, and we spent most of our time with her son Jonathon and his friends. They took us older ladies out on the town ... and I am still recovering! A special thank you to all of them for making us feel like we were not "moms" but friends :) Some highlights included ...

Doubletree: great hotel in a great location (and down comforters and pillows)

Mexican Food, Dirty Martinis, Pork Belly, Fried Chicken for Breakfast, Cheese in the Room

Jokes and stars at the Whispering Wall

Smoking in a bar - legally

Philadelphia Museum of Art, complete with wine, armor, jazz, and Fred Flintstone

The man peeing on the sidewalk but he really wasn't

Tarot cards that were scary true (that will have to be its own post sometime soon)

Me sleep talking and refusing to leave for the fire alarm (or so I am told)

The "rough" ride home

My first Whopper Junior (that helped me survive my ride home)

Jobathon and his bike

Rating all the servers for Jonathon: bra-less girl, sausage-skirt-panty-panel girl, beautiful hostess, Logan ...

The special hand tattoo (I just checked - mine is gone)

As I think of things to add I will continue this list. It really was a special time with special people.


  1. Love it! And never forget... You, me and Jonathan: two pinot's and a pabst!

  2. Haha! I just added a video clip from the concert. And then there were his perfect olives while mine were puckered!

  3. I was waiting for Fred Flintstone to ask us oh so politely to keep it down!