Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Sure, animals are labeled as unpredictable, but 99.9% of the time they are as predictable as the tides. Take my four little goats. Every morning, I can count on the following things happening without fail:

In the excitement when I open the gate to put down their grain bowls, Elly and Sal have to come out and then turn around and go back in.

Elly and Vinny eat their grain up on the platform while Sal and Jasper eat down at the floor level. Always. 

Just to make sure there are no leftovers, Elly will visit each bowl after the boys walk away from theirs.

After sprinkling the fresh shavings on the platform, Jasper will sniff all around and then paw at it, scraping away for who-knows-what reason.

Sal is always waiting for the bucket exchange. Morning and night, he stands ready to have the first drink from the new bucket of water, often sticking his head in there before I can even set the bucket down.

Any approach from Bumble the "wolf" results in Elly charging him.

If ever one of my goats did not exhibit their special behavior, I would know that something was wrong. I suppose that's why it is difficult to leave my animals in somebody else's care: because how would they know something's wrong with an animal until it is too late? Fortunately I have a great house/animal sitter, but still. Following a routine when taking care of animals is as important as watching them go through their routine. Everyone feels comfortable, everyone feels safe.

~ the afternoon routine includes a sunny nap on a spool ~

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  1. I can relate so much...some people might think we are a little crazy. Our little family members appreciate our love, that's all that counts. Lv, Lz