Wednesday, June 6, 2012

ADK 2012

My brother's girlfriend, Nora, is an amazing lady for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that she just turned 50 AND she just became an RN. Michael threw a big celebration - complete with a piggy - and my girlfriends and I decided to make a road trip out of it.

Trip Highlights:

-- Patty melts at the Grist Mill (my first ever 'Melt at a restaurant I used to frequent while growing up in Parish), complete with fries and gravy (and smelly bathrooms although I didn't notice)

-- While driving, Stacy was annoyed that we were all on our phones texting :)

-- Using tests to figure out if we were elves or demons (Stacy is not an elf)

-- Talking about movies that MOST of us had seen

-- The Beaver Tamer

-- The Summit Hotel in Lake Placid: nice, with friendly "simple" people

-- Cutting our lemon with a nail file

-- Dinner at the Adirondack Brewing Company: special drinks = free glasses

-- Brown Dog Cafe and Wine Bar: Roy, and his little wood - or was it a putter?

-- Wine (in little glasses) in the room while watching Forrest Gump

-- Breakfast at Pan Dolce: bamboo menus (what - no grease on the menus?), cloth napkins, and omelettes with yummy things like avocado and brie - 'so civilized

-- Me SUPPOSEDLY copying the menu choices of others (whatever)

-- Shopping: matching hoodies, funny and fitting magnets, looking for beaver stuff, matching drink cups

-- IDK - no I mean ADK


-- Malone Holiday Inn Express: swanky! And again, friendly simple people.

-- Aquatic tattoos

-- Trying to find Mom's house, the back way (I was not lost!)

-- Mike's house full of stuffed things in snarling, eating, swimming and flapping positions (probably most disturbing is the stuffed coyote eating a stuffed squirrel and it is sitting on his fridge)

-- The reptile room

-- Women in Waders calendar

-- Photos under the moose - or was it a reindeer?

-- Liz with Squish, the snake, wrapped around her neck!

-- Lynora to Mike: "Will you do me in here?"

-- The screen door crashing in and Lynora sitting on top of it (because she was running through the house so she wouldn't get caught wearing her sneakers inside)

-- The skunk hat, and how Liz ROCKED it!

-- Rainbowwww

-- People eating - without fear - food that had been sitting out for hours

-- Mo's Pub, sipping martinis and Coronas while repelling all men in the place with our idiotic behavior

-- Fat Bottom Girls

-- Closing the damn blinds at the hotel (well, some of us figured it out)

-- Listening to 80s music allll the way home, and making fun of those who didn't know any of the songs (but we still love her anyway!)

-- Eating my first Wendy's meal (I was disappointed)

-- Lynn + Nora = Lynora!

-- Liz and her TWO pair of sunglasses: dark and light

-- Digestive issues necessitating a quick stop (and it wasn't me, for once)

-- Are we home yet?

I CAN'T WAIT TO TRAVEL WITH MY GIRLIES AGAIN SOOOON! (and next time, Christine, you better be with us!)

the cake says it all!!

Beaver Tamer

brave Liz

sad Christine, still at work :(

Lynora getting "done"

stylish Liz


pushy Stacy

we found a beaver!


cloudy mountains as seen from our hotel room in Placid


the Grist Mill in Parish