Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Zen ~ Wonder

Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.
                                                                       E.B. White

The universe has a way of confirming things if we are open to seeing these confirmations, and today I received one of those confirmations. The above quote came from my daily Zen calendar on Friday, and I saved it with the intent to post it here at some point. This morning I took an online inventory on the Spirituality & Practices site, and the spiritual practice suggested for me based on my responses to their survey is "Wonder". Truthfully, I feel that it is the largest part of my spiritual life - savoring the beauty that surrounds me everyday.

From Spirituality & Practice:
Wonder begins in the senses, comes alive in the imagination, and flourishes in adoration of the Divine. It arises from our natural curiosity about the grand adventure of life. It increases our capacity to be a bold inner space tripper and an avid explorer of the physical world. There is no end to the things that can awaken our wonder, from the majesty of the night sky to the smell of lilacs in the spring to the turning of the leaves in the fall. And it is all right here, a feast of epiphanies and astonishments in the daily round of our spiritual lives. The first step in this spiritual practice is to rejoice in the play of our senses: smell, touch, taste, hear, and see. Slow down and tune into the varied world of this and that. You'll never get anywhere with this practice by rushing.

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  1. My Spiritual Rx is PEACE

    "Feeling worried, upset, or "crazed" can also get you started doing peace. These states often signify that your emotions have gotten the best of you, and a practice to restore your equanimity is needed. Being even-tempered creates a feeling of serenity. And whereas being agitated can drain your energy, inner calm increases your stamina so that you can sustain your efforts to make the world a more peaceful place. This time the inner supports the outer."

    Must agree...