Thursday, January 3, 2013

Zen ~ Lamp

Be lamps unto yourselves. Be a refuge unto yourselves. Do not turn to any external refuge. Hold fast to the teaching as a lamp.        Buddha

At first glance, this teaching appears to be anti-Christian as we are taught to put all of our cares into God's hands. The idea that the answers lie within ourselves suggests that we are on our own and there is no available help.

I would disagree with this interpretation.

I believe that God gives us strength at birth that we can access at any time if we so choose. Like Buddha's "lamp", this energy - fed by love - is there within us, and everything based on love originates from God. We are so much stronger than we think, thanks to our God and His generous gifts.

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  1. Strong and yet Simple. Sometimes difficult to give ourselves that power...but God has given us that power and not using it, is a waste. Just a thought in agreement. Lv, Lz