Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bumble vs. Snarly Raccoon

Remember the scene in Old Yeller where the wolf and dog were viscously wrestling around, snarling and growling, snapping and biting? Well a very similar scene took place in my backyard this morning between Bumble and a raccoon who was clearly caught off guard.

I let Bum out and as it was only 5:30 it was still totally dark. Immediately the fight ensued, and I ran out screaming "Bumble!!" like a banshee. The raccoon tried unsuccessfully to climb a tree, and finally gave up and fought back. Growling and snarling, the two wrestled around like cartoon characters, each hanging on to the other's throat. I grabbed the nearest "weapon" - the pooper scooper - and tried hitting the raccoon to make him let go. Every time they separated, one or the other would lunge back and start rolling around again. I cannot believe the neighbors did not call 911 as I was screaming and yelling as if I was being murdered. (Note to self: if ever I am being attacked there will be no one to come to my aid.) Jim was still in bed, but then appeared with a flashlight and laundry basket. By this time the fight had moved way out beyond the porch lights and in the total darkness of the back yard. After I had them separated momentarily, Jim dropped the basket on the 'coon, and carried Bum in the house while I held the basket down. Poor little 'coony was growling and panting before finally settling down. I don't think he was hurt, and he looked really fluffy and healthy when I saw him in the light so I am fairly certain he wasn't diseased. I stayed for a few minutes, catching my breath and talking to him gently, and then he put his little "hand" out through the basket and even his cute little black nose came through a hole. It was pretty adorable, even after all of that. I decided he would figure how to get out from under his temporary prison, so I just ran toward the house, leaving him and hoping he wouldn't come running after me.

Bumble was doing what Bumble thought he should do: guard the yard. I wish he would have listened when I tried to call him off, but I think he thought I was yelling at the intruder. In any case, my little man was pretty tired and dirty, but I saw no signs of blood. I had to give him a bath, and I lathered him up with deodorizing soap and rinsed him thoroughly. I think he will be sore, and I'm pretty certain he will sleep well today. At least it wasn't a skunk.


not always cute!

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