Monday, November 11, 2013

Sweet Willow Adjusts

We could not have asked for a better weekend with our newest addition, Willow. She has settled right into our lives, and snuggled right into our hearts. She slept on the bed instead of in her crate for the first time last night, and she didn't move all night. Even when Bum decided we should all get up this morning she stayed with us until we got out of bed. I had visions of her chasing after Bumble but it did not happen. She can be a couch potato.

Currently we sleep in a queen sized bed, and thankfully we are getting a king for the new house. 2 big people and 2 squirmy dogs requires a king!

Part of this success is because we let Bumble establish his alpha position. Willow will now play keep-away with the toys, but once Bumble catches her she lets him have the toy. We were concerned about him letting her on the bed, but he seems comfortable and not jealous at all. It seems like as long as everyone knows their place in the pack then there is harmony. 'Kinda cool, actually.

~ clearly feeling comfortable with this new family (filters courtesy of Instagram)  ~

~ helping write this post ~

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