Friday, March 27, 2015

Horse Crazy

These feelings have been locked tightly for years, and I have only taken an occasional peek to check if they are still there. I have not let myself "go there" for fear there will be no return.

Well, I was right and now I have to come clean and be true to myself: I physically NEED a horse.

My childhood horse died on January 4th, 1994. Since then I have foolishly suggested that I outgrew the need for a horse, and that although I was so blessed to have Morningstar for so many years I would never and could never have another.

But I was very wrong.

To make myself feel better I suggested I would wait until I retire so I have more time in my schedule, or I would have to board the horse somewhere else, or whatever. 'All lame excuses to deny the inevitable, and that is simply that my horse connection runs to my very core, and I need to get a horse sooner rather than later. Soooo I made the decision to get a horse when I turn 50 (2.5 years from now) and that plan has opened the floodgates to all the old feelings and longings and dreams that I have carried with me my whole life. I am thinking about how and where to build the stall, what kind of fencing to use, should it be a gelding or a mare, how old should it be - and very importantly what color do I want? Buckskins and Palominos are my favorites, but possibly a paint or a sorrel. 'So many happy places to let my mind wander!

I now have a Pinterest board for horses. Oh it's serious.

~ A book I read hundreds of times, no joke ~

~ Under the jacket of "Somebody's Pony" ~

~ The magazines my parents bought for me in the 70s as I was longing for a horse ~

 ~ I read all the Blaze books ...

... and I loved the illustrations especially ~


  1. My sister had all of those books and received the magazines as well. I have to admit I read most, if not all of them. Reading your post reminded me of the smell of the horses, and the leather. Wonder if I could still cinch up a saddle? Cannot wait to see what your choices are!

  2. Yes - the smell of horses! Goats smell nice and all, but horses and their leather tack smell like heaven :)