Thursday, May 28, 2015

Traveling Son

'Feeling anxiety.

Bing is now in Granada, Spain, after a grueling 24 hours of travel. I consider myself less of a worrier than most moms but the last 24 hours have been a bit challenging.

Yes, Bing has traveled to many faraway places (China! Hawaii!) in his young life - more than most adults, really - but never this far all alone. And this time it's not to meet a grandmother who is waiting at the airport with open arms, but instead a stranger with whom he is going to stay with. For a month.

Technology allows parents to receive updates both good and bad, and that fact can be both good and bad. Short, cryptic messages can cause lots and lots of anxiety when you are on the receiving end. It's amazing how my imagination can create entire Hollywood movie screenplays from a simple line of text. Sigh.

It boils down to trust. Trust that God is in control, number one. Trust that you have raised your son with enough common sense to deal with all the surprises that come with international travel. Trust that you are doing the right thing by encouraging and supporting his adventures. Trust that the challenges that come with this experience are invaluable and will help him grow to be a confident, successful and well-rounded individual. Trust. Faith. Hope.

Granada, Spain

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