Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Forget Day Numbers: Fátima, Nazaré and Óbidos

So right now I am sitting in my room in Seville, Spain, where the wifi is thankfully strong enough to post (although uploading photos is still a struggle). The last few days have been a swirl of planes and buses and taxis and vans, and it has been fabulous.

Our trip to Fátima, Nazaré and Óbidos was magical. We had a great tour guide, and we were with a small group of people including a nice couple from Auburn New York. They were both retired high school teachers so during our longish ride we chatted about the sad state of public education. Hah - talking shop even on vacation - that is what teachers do because teaching is more than a job to us. Anyway I loved this day!

These photos are from Óbidos ...

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