Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Our Paella Adventure, Part II

OMG it was fabulous!!!

The seven of us managed to eat all the meat and seafood, with just some rice leftover. The only things we would do differently next time: more chorizo and more lobster tails because they were so extremely yummy. Also, we had to add extra liquid during cooking as the Arborio rice needed more than the recipe's Spanish rice needs. Finally, I would have been braver about getting a nice crispy bottom during the final stages of cooking. All in all it was a blast to make as a family, and it was absolutely delicious.

Abby was an excellent garlic chopper.

Tito's assisted throughout the process.

This chorizo was excellent, but we wanted more.

Chandler crushed the tomatoes. 

Jim cut up the chorizo with a little help from Ol' Grand-Dad.

'De-sanding the clams (does a cornmeal bath really work? I wasn't taking any chances), thawing the peas and washing the tails.
Everything was organized before we began.

Willow was hoping for a shrimp to fall.

3 burners worked out great.


This was Chandler's Instagram photo.

The Paella Paparazzi 


  1. Wow, my mouth is watering looking at the photos! Love the cast iron pan too :)

  2. Tom - we will have to make agin with you and Liza it some night! It was de-lish!