Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Writing

Good Writing is to Lots of Practice as Good Health is to Lots of Exercise.

That makes me a poor writer in poor health haha! Well, honestly, I lead a fairly physically active life and, honestly, I write some for my job, but both areas of my life could use some serious tweaking. See how many commas I used in that awkward sentence? Yup - flabby writing skills.

I have allowed myself this year "off" from intentional writing as we are working hard building our dream home resulting in over-scheduled days, but I am feeling the itch.

My ultimate goal is to retire from teaching and have more time for my animals, my family, my friends and creativity. My creative outlets will include writing and making art for the fun of it as well as teaching art lessons to children. How cool would it be to take a small group of children through the woods to find leaves to press into their little clay pots? Or to have them sketch a sleeping baby bunny? Or to learn how to take photographs of moving objects by snapping pics of leaping goats? I think that life sounds perfect, and it is my "happy place" when I find myself sleepless in the night. Lake Orchard Farm and Lake Orchard Studio will have a very symbiotic relationship in my near future. Of course I also plan on making "art" with my girlfriends - we laugh about making crooked pottery as we drink lots of wine.

As Christians we need to follow the commandment of Jesus to serve others, but in addition life is about following our bliss. I best get writing.