Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Life Goals

The idea of my mortality is become clearer. I am feeling the strong desire to fulfill dreams and reach goals with more of a sense of urgency that ever before. Perhaps part of it is money: these dreams and goals all have costs and I am no longer living in a state of utter poverty because my career is solid and Jim's business is doing well. More than that, though, is the realization that there are definitely more years behind me than there are ahead, and this life is so beautiful and amazing and I want to live it as fully as possible.

What remains on my personal list:
-- Breeding high quality goats (in the works for 2016)
-- Finding a horse (maybe for my 50th birthday?)
-- Retirement as a healthy person with a good pension and savings (so far so good for 2023)
-- Writing a book (the topic of dogs and kids)
-- Travel - lots and lots of travel

So about the travel. St. Maarten with my family is planned for December and we are so psyched. San Francisco with my girlies is planned for April and that is exciting. Granada, Spain, is a possibility for the summer as Chandler is studying there and of course I should visit him, right? Jim and I really want to travel together to many places, so the plan is to work hard but not to wait until we are elderly to live adventurously (but also not go into debt to do it). We continue to be thankful for our good jobs and our good health as we plan and dream, taking full advantage of the blessings of our lives.

Granada, Spain

San Francisco

St. Maarten