Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Maria Loboda = Escargot

Contemporary artist Maria Loboda's work caught my eye this morning. I investigated her work and bio, and decided I need to remember her name. That does not always happen for me with contemporary artists -- some of the - um - "art" that is being produced and promoted today does not ring true with me in any way. I do try, I do wrestle, I do desire to be more sophisticated when making these decisions but I continue to struggle.

I suppose its a little like developing grown-up tastes for foods like escargot and scotch ... you have to keep trying to realize the richness that is out there to enjoy.

From Contemporary Art Daily ...

Versatile cultural references to literature, music and art alongside mysticism and folklore can be discovered in Maria Loboda’s work. A basic interest for the transformation of language and knowledge in specific objects as well as room ensembles crosses her work. In these themes Loboda refrains from focus on a certain era and instead investigates as a researcher throughout several fields. Loboda engages with the condensation of cultural history in artefacts and how they may materialise in our time.

In the first solo exhibition of Maria Loboda in the Krome Gallery, distinct powers and energies take effect. The examination of the sculptural power of language and writing system, the energy of forms, objects and materials, as well as their states and transformation, crosses the exhibition as fundamental topics. The title “In the autumn the electricity withdraws into the earth again and rests” is extracted from the Chinese I-Ching, the “Book of Changes”. In it, a central philosophy is the fundamental attempt to understand the world as a whole, which can adopt a variability of forms and states. The exhibition assembles new and recently developed work requiring metaphysical comprehension. As in previous works, Maria Loboda has followed the vital spirit of objects, their unconscious symbolism and poetic power. ...

Maria Loboda was born in 1979 in Krakow and currently lives and works in Berlin and London. She attended the Mark Leckey class for Interdiciplinary Fine Art Studies at Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Städelschule.

Another great resource on Maria Loboda can be found here.

Enjoy your grown-up art!

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