Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I am beginning my Iberian Adventure by writing about how much I love my home. By "home" I mean my husband and animals and family and farm. How much I love sleeping in my bed with Jim and Willow. How much I love watering my plants and using my weed whacker. How much I love simple dinners in the sunroom and coffee on the front porch. How much I love it when my husband sets out a mug for me in the morning. How much I love sweeping out the barn and watching my barn friends play and squabble. How much I love naps on my couch with Bumble sitting at guard. How much I love impromptu gatherings with friends in the garage and casual dinners with family.

The above paragraph could continue infinitely, but I have a lot of loose ends to wrap up before I head to the airport so I need to stop there. I guess one realizes exactly how blessed they are when they are about to embark on a grand adventure and yet a part of them is knowing how much they will miss home. Especially Jim. And my animals. And ... okay I need to stop but you get what I mean.

A special shout out to Jim, Mom and Paul who will be taking over all of of my household responsibilities while I am away. I will worry about nothing.

And one more shout out to God for giving me the health and energy and luck to have created this life.
~ the view from our front porch this spring after a shower ~