Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lake Ontario Walk, Early Spring

Bumble has been with us for a year now, and he is slowly overcoming his fear of water. This weekend we spent the afternoon walking in Hopkins Creek on our new property, and he seemed pretty comfortable with that. Today we went for a walk down to the lake, and Bumble seemed more nervous - I'm guessing because of the sound of the waves (even though it wasn't rough). I tried to remind him that he is supposedly part Lab ... I don't think he believes me.

' Beautiful March evening, and Mom and I are out for a walkie. I love walking with my Mom <3

Mom, you say I'm part Lab ...
... but I'm not so sure.

You want me to touch the water?

Are you outta your mind??

I'll stand on this rock until I get the nerve. Maybe Mom will forget.

I think my toe got wet ... maybe it's not so bad?

Yikes! A sunami!

Right now I am channeling my Terrier side, and I shall sit right here.

(images are unedited photos taken with my iPhone)

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