Thursday, October 11, 2012

I Do Love Mornings

Allow me to clarify.

I love heading outside to take care of my animals in the early morning. If it weren't for the shed pets I would miss out on the brief minutes of peace and solitude at a time when most of the neighborhood is still sleeping.

On clear mornings like today, I stop in the darkness and look up at the stars ... I watch the waxing and waning of the moon ... I feel connected to something so much larger ... I am grateful for my life. My animals are shaking off sleep as they greet me, happy for their breakfast. They are grateful for the most basic things in life, and being witness to that helps to keep me grounded.

Astronomy 101, Freshman year. Oh how I wish now the boy I had a crush on wasn't in that class. Yes, I learned so much but imagine what I could have learned about the vast universe if only I wasn't distracted by who was sitting in front of me in the rundown lecture hall. Ah, regrets. Thankfully one can learn without a college professor, and thankfully I have been able to fill in some gaps left by my distractions during Astronomy class so many years ago.

I found the following image which is very similar to my view this morning. The twenty seconds I spent looking up filled me with what I need for the day. Just add happy goats and a cup of coffee and I am at peace.

Crescent Moon and Venus on an Autumn Morn - Earth Science Picture of the Day

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  1. The simple things in life that fill us with joy...I should start getting up early...when I do, I have a better day. We need to stop/think/look into the sky and be amazed. We all need to slow down...I'll let you know how it goes ;o) Thanks for the reminder. Lv Lz