Wednesday, September 22, 2010


I am blogging today during my lunch. (My lunch, by the way is delicious: leftover chicken from my dinner last night, along with veggies and cheese.) I'm not sure if I'm allowed to do this during the official school day (blog, not eat lunch) but I am going to be a rebel.

I love my job and I love all the activities that I am involved in, but I really despise the fact that I am never home this time of year. I haven't fed my fish since Sunday because I haven't been home in the daylight since then, and it's not even daylight savings time yet. My house becomes cluttered until Thursday night when we have to tidy in preparation for Sandy's cleaning on Fridays, but other than that it gets a little chaotic for my ocd-ish preferences.

Soooo, when I get home it depresses me to see the lack of order.

I have been working on that, trying to become less particular, and relax despite my less-than-neat surroundings.

I try to focus on my priorities which are family and animals and church and work, not being Martha Stewart.


Now I have to get ready for my photography class tonight.

thee best dressing ever

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