Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Second Date

Last night I met Willow, a sweet rat terrier mix that is looking for a new family. She caught my eye on Petfinder because she looks just like a white Bumble, she is a rat terrier mix just like Bumble, she is lonely and needs a companion just like Bumble, she is active and needs to run just like - well you know. All of that plus the name: earlier in the day Chandler and I had been discussing pet names we liked, and "Willow" made our short list. What are the odds?!

Bumble has been lonely since the school year started. All summer long he spent hours with me and hours outside hunting squirrels. Last year when it was time to head back to school our pack included Mari and Sophie, and Chandler still lived at home. Now Bum is alone for much of the day, and he has taken to some anxiety driven behaviors such as angry barking as the last person leaves the house and table surfing. We (I) really believe he needs a buddy, either feline or canine. Truthfully this is a tough time for us to adopt a pup due to the move, but if it's the right pet then we need to take the plunge.

Is Willow right for us? Will Bumble accept another dog or will he be jealous and aggressive?

My meeting with Willow was lovely. She is a lively, curious and obviously bright little bundle of energy, and she responded well to me. My heart melted when she rolled over for me to rub her cute spotted tummy, and although she clearly needs some training I think her potential is great. Tonight I will bring Bumble to Lockport for a meeting, and hopefully he will fall in love with her, too. This second date will determine whether or not we move forward with the adoption process, and whether or not Willow joins our pack. 'Fingers crossed!

Some links that offer suggestions for first-time dog meetings:

Bumble, looking like the imp that he is :)
Meet Willow, currently a resident at the Eastern Niagara Animal Welfare Alliance in Lockport, NY
Her Description: Willow is a young Rat Terrier mix dog that is very smart, affectionate and eager to please. We are looking for a "playmate " for Willow since she currently spends much of her time alone and would benefit from having a "buddy" to play and frolic with.She is energetic and loves to run and play and needs open space in which to do so. She is spayed and fully vetted. Please call 716-434-0604 to discuss adoption opportunities for Willow. She is a real sweetheart!

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