Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Woof ~ Heaven

Heaven is pretty cool.

At first I was really confused because one minute I'm cruising down the road so fast, and the next I'm like "whoa where am I??". I looked around for my mom because I thought I could hear her calling me and I think she may have even been crying, but I couldn't find her anywhere.

Then these nice people appeared.

First was a cool guy with a beard, and he said he was my mom's dad, so I guess that makes him my Opa, right? Anyway, he said he would take care of me, and that he was excited to get to meet me in person. Another nice person I met right away was a lady named Shirl who said I was just as cute as she thought I would be, and she immediately fed me yummy food from her plate. She told me her son would sneak me food from his plate, and she needed to carry on the tradition. She said I could call her "Gram". Like I said, she was very nice! Then a lady introduced herself to me as Sophie's mom, and I thought I would be in trouble for sure. You see, Sophie is my little sister that I so enjoy tormenting and teasing. Well, Sophie's mom said that although she loves her little princess she loved me, too, and she instantly forgave me for all my naughtiness. This meeting-people-thing was going great, and I was really glad that even though my mom wasn't with me there were a whole bunch of my two-legged family there.


But I do miss things about home. I miss helping mom take care of those stinky goats. I miss playing with my sisters Mari and Sophie. I miss sleeping on my boy's bed. I miss my morning snuggles with my mom and dad. I miss jumping up on my dad REALLY hard when he is trying to read that silly newspaper and is ignoring me. I miss playing "hide the squeaker" and "catch the ball" with my mom. I miss the runs with my boy. I miss walks in the orchard, I miss watching yardwork happen, I miss the snow, I miss the fishies, I miss the cats (but I bet they don't miss me). I miss treats in the kitchen when I do my crazy tricks (I am so smart!!). I miss bike rides with my mom. I even miss taking care of the church flowers with my mom. Then there are the car rides I miss, and the endless supply of socks laying around the house for me to chew on. There are the birds I like to watch, and mice I like to gobble up before my mom can stop me. So many things I can't do anymore with those people I really love (yeah, I admit it - I love them like crazy). I miss the fun, and I really miss my people.

I know my people miss me, too. I can feel how sad they are. I can hear them crying. I feel pretty bad about leaving them. I miss them all so much.

Yeah, heaven is pretty cool, and there are nice people here. I like the fact that I can run around as much as I want here, and that I never have to be in my prison again. And the really good news is that I get to see my earth people again, so I am okay with this change of scenery. I worry a little about them because they are sad, but I hope they know how much I love them, and that we will be together again.

This doesn't relate to my post -- I'm just showing off my handsome tail.

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