Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Childhood ~ Sunday Evening TV

The following will make me sound ancient to anyone under the age of 40:

Growing up, we had three and sometimes four television channels from which to choose. Sometimes these channels were snowy, depending on how well you could adjust the rabbit ears, but once my dad installed the "huge" antenna in the attic our channels became relatively clear. We had to get up to turn the knob, but there really was little point because you purposely turned on the tv to watch whatever was on at a particular time. 'No surfing and running into an episode of Jersey Shore with Snooki falling over drunk, or watching Emeril make a sauce "Bam!", no HGTV or QVC ... nope. 'Just shows that were on once a week that you looked forward to all week long.

Sunday evenings meant three things: a bath (did we go to church dirty?), Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom, and the Wonderful World of Disney. I recall the bath making me anxious -- I did NOT want to be late for the start of my shows.

Just wait, Young People. You, too, will be reminiscing about the outdated technology and culture of your childhood years once you become a "certain age".  There is something about the popular culture of a time -- the songs, tv shows, commercials -- that when heard again many years after their expiration will send you zooming back to that time in your life.

~ 1980's console tv ... I watched many episodes of "Cheers" on a tv just like this one ~

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