Thursday, May 5, 2011

No-No Flags and Zaps

Today Bumble felt his first zap from his collar, and he survived.

Our "homework" for the last week was to walk Bumble around the perimeter of the yard, and whenever he hears the beep pull him back and say "back back!" Well, Bum figured it out fast and wouldn't go near the flags. He isn't as dumb as he looks, apparently! These little flags are now known as "no-no flags" to all of us -  'kinda funny.

One of the Invisible Fence boyz came back today to help Bumble experience his first zap - the next step in training. My poor little man tried to follow me down the driveway while I walked away and "ZAP". His collar is set at the lowest setting, but he still yelped a little and jumped backwards, clearly not willing to feel that again. We walked around the yard, and Bum was having nothing to do with getting close to the flags, so it appeared he has it kind of figured out. I was told that he will probably make some mistakes this week, but depending on his reaction we may not even have to adjust the strength of his collar.

Tonight after dinner I took Bum out, left his leash to drag, and started playing with him and the soccer ball, Chandler joined us, and it went very smoothly. He stayed far away from the flags, but ran freely around the yard, checking out the goats, saying hi to Mari where she was on her tie out, and rolling around in the rich spring grass. He is now fast asleep.

I am so excited that sometime soon Bumble can freely roam in the yard, and I can stop worrying sick about the road.

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