Thursday, May 19, 2011

Local Lindsay

Entitlement: "belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges"

Parents, do not raise your children to believe that they are entitled to any privileges other than the freedoms provided by our democracy. Spoiled, "entitled" adults abound, and they are not born that way - they are created, everyday, by well-meaning parents.

Backstory: we (here at school) are in the process of dealing with a young community member who comes from a hard working, financially successful and also generous local family. This young - ahem - lady was a snippety thing when she was our student, acting as if this whole following-rules-school-thing was somehow beneath her, and as an adult business owner she is still snippety and treats everyone around her like they are somehow < her. Of course she becomes quite upset when anyone stands up to her ... we are not shocked as she pulled the same defiant act while in high school. 

So how did she get this way? By working hard for everything she has? By learning how to win people over, even when she didn't feel like it? By understanding that the person you are is not based on the family in which you were born? By realizing that class and money are not related at all?? 

Sadly, too many parents think they are helping their children by sparing them the hard knocks they endured while attaining their success. Instead, they are setting their children up for rejection and failure. 

In dog training there is a principal that NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE, and it's a shame that parents don't follow that same ideal when raising their kids.

~ Classy Lindsay ~

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