Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Brain

Projects: I am always thinking up new things that keep me busy and broke, but also happy. I have come to the realization that I am the most content when I am working out projects in my head and in my sketchbook, and planning new creative endeavors.

I am determined to finish my book. First and foremost. A nice perk would be the possibility of a little extra cash for all my other plans.

Building our house is a HUGE creative process, and I am constantly thinking about decor, design, color, texture, space, light ... and I am spending many hours on Pinterest and various design sites seeking inspiration. However, the architect has not presented our plans yet, so I can't move forward much with specifics until I have those plans in my anxious little hands.

Designing a new koi pond is another "little" project in my head, on my computer and in my sketchbook. My current pond is a nice size, but my mom's giant koi will be joining my little school when we move so we will need to go bigger, and I'd also like to go deeper. Again, I am waiting on the official house plans so I can incorporate the pond in with the rest of the landscaping, including a bbq pavilion for Jim and a future pool. Landscaping will also be part of this overall process ... I can't wait to plant trees and shrubs and perennials. Did I mention the woods and stream that will be our back "yard"? Yup - more fun landscaping, trails, boardwalks, bridges ...

Then there is a barn. Oh boy. I would like to eventually raise a kid or two which would require adding another Nigerian doe, and also I would like to add an alpaca or two to my herd. My future needs have to be looked at so I don't realize we built too small. Jim will need a "side" of the barn for his equipment and vehicles, and eventually add on an office for his business. He currently rents space in Rochester and Lockport, but with technology the physical address is becoming less and less important, so why not work from home as much as possible, right?

As if all of this weren't enough, I have decided that I also want chickens. Yup. So much research has ensued, and I'm pretty sure that a Buff Orpington is my breed of choice based on friendliness, hardiness, and overall cuteness. I am thinking four hens and a "tractor" to move around the yard so that we will have free range eggs but also safe chickens.

Here are a few chicken related links that I am finding helpful in these early stages of my chicken journey:

The Tangled Nest ~ a blog that "celebrates the 'new home economics' -- an essential twining of home, garden, food, craft, and co-existence with the wild, natural world."

Using a chicken tractor in the winter

Cute photos from a Buff Orpington fan

A beautiful tractor plan (see image below - snazzy!)

Another tractor design with some good ideas

A good place to begin your chicken breed research

Detailed FREE tractor plan

 ~ perfect! now I need to find a carpenter ...

~ what a pretty girl, right?? ~
~ cheep cheep! ~
~ of course I need a Gator, too :) ~


  1. Ok, one chicken (the darkest loudest one) should be named Liza...or Mona LiZa to keep the name theme, go for the Gator (I see a lot of fun with that ;o) and make Jim's office very comfy so he is home as much as possible. Good luck with everything! Lv, Lz

  2. Haha! Liza, you are too funny! Your Mona Liza suggestion is a GREAT one :)