Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween

I am not craftsy. At all. And there is this pressure for moms to create these fantastic costumes for their kiddies to wear during Halloween season, especially if that mom is an art teacher. Well, one year I stepped up to the challenge and made my little guy into the best darn zebra ever - without sewing  a thing. I guess I should mention that "zebra" was his second choice after "elephant", but I had no clue how to make him an elephant so we went with this.

I purchased white sweat pants and a white turtleneck, and painstakingly painted black stripes all around it. I first studied images of zebras to accurately reproduce the markings so that he didn't look like a jailbird. I also painted a face mask, and I hot glued ears and yarn for the mane and tail. Then it was just a matter of black socks over the sneakers and little black gloves -- voila! A zebra! That was the only school Halloween party when I felt proud of my craftsy-ness.

It has been all downhill from there in the costume department, but I am glad I could enjoy at least one year when I was a good Halloween mom. This year Chandler is handing out candy with his "friend" Gianna while watching horror movies. The innocent zebra days are gone.

my little zebra

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