Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Local Fruits & Veggies

I am so freakin' lucky to live in Niagara County. My property is surrounded by acres and acres of cherries, pears, apples and grapes belonging to local farmers and wineries, and across the road is fabulous Lake Ontario. From the Cornell University Cooperative Extension website:

"Agriculturally diverse, the county is fortunate to have many farms that sell directly to consumers, making it 5th among New York counties in retail sales. It is 1st among New York counties in peaches, sweet cherries and plum/prunes, 2nd in tart cherries and pears and 5th in apple and berry production."

I am inspired to write this as I just finished a mouth-watering tomato sandwich with fresh tomatoes from my favorite local farm market "Hiller's". Growing your own fruits and veggies can be fun, but I think going to Hiller's, grabbing a basket, and filling it with their beautiful produce is even more fun!

Here's a LINK to a page with our local farm and agri-tourism map, and there is probably something similar for your region. Grab a basket, fill it with the freshest and most delicious produce possible, and support your local farmers.

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